An apology

we would like to APOLOGISE to every one of our customers on our bended knees..

we have been doing a VERY good job of hiding all our ‘other' wonderful food and drinks from you. So. With a little help we’ve taken a few ‘snaps’. what do you think?? we hope you’re saying ‘well, I had no idea they did that. I want some. Now’ 

we’ve been working hard behind the scenes creating a summer menu and more information on some of the other bits we do. Using our baking room in Canford Cliffs and our space in Old Town Poole we’ve created a very fine and fitting range of food that works so well with our awesome coffee.

Our cold drinks too.. just delightful and no nasty premixes. You want iced coffee? Then we will use a fresh double espresso. no gimmicks. no corners cut. just real drinks made well. It’s what we do and we wanted to tell you.

sorry we’ve not told you sooner. Please forgive us. We’re bad. you’re great.

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